How Those Crackers Became Us Demosceners

The story about the divergence of the cracker scene and the demoscene has been canonized over the years. In this article, Markku Reunanen takes a fresh look at the story and offers new perspective to the events of the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

Leikkaus ja kameratyö pelikerronnan välineinä

Peliteollisuudessa ja -kulttuurissa puhutaan usein, että digitaaliset pelit ja elokuvat jakavat monia kerronnallisia ja taiteellisia piirteitä. Väitteeseen on kuitenkin syytä suhtautua myös kriittisesti ja kyseenalaistaa, mihin rinnastus perustuu. Artikkelissa tarkastellaan, mitä eroja ja yhteneväisyyksiä toimintaseikkailupelien kuvakerronnalla on elokuvaleikkaukseen ja kameratyöskentelyyn.

Materiality of Digital Environments

Digitalization has created increasing dematerialization of cultural artefacts. Partly because of the dematerialization process the materiality of media artefacts continues to be a theme rarely addressed and therefore remains rather underdeveloped. Our paper aims to show how the dematerialization of cultural artefacts does not inevitably mean less significance for materiality. Rather, new technologies have stimulated new material practices.

Music in the eyes: Contextual framing and emotional attributions in user-generated content and culture

This study empirically examines the psychological effects of music in interpreting visual information at the intersection of media produsage and user-generated culture. Here, an online experiment presented visually identical film trailers with two highly unique musical tracks to examine the influence auditory context has on viewers’ impressions of user-generated media.