The Polish Amiga Scene as a Brand Community

This article investigates the community of Commodore Amiga computer users in early post-
communist Poland by focusing on the constructions of rituals in the community and a shared
identity. This case study is used to examine the usefulness of the concept of brand community for consumer culture research.

How Those Crackers Became Us Demosceners

The story about the divergence of the cracker scene and the demoscene has been canonized over the years. In this article, Markku Reunanen takes a fresh look at the story and offers new perspective to the events of the late 1980s and the early 1990s.

Four Kilobyte Art

Until now, four kilobyte and other size-limited intros have received little attention from demo researchers. This article, originally written in Finnish, serves as an introduction to 4k intros and their history.